Tombstone – Gunfight at the OK Corral

Wyatt Earp: How the hell did we get ourselves into this?

Sheriff Behan: You don’t have to worry about a thing. I just went over there and disarmed them.

Virgil Earp: You did? Come on, boys.

Sheriff Behan: Gentlemen? I’m not gonna allow any trouble!

Virgil Earp: We’re here to disarm you. Throw up your hands. [Clanton gang reaches for their guns.] Hold it! That’s not what I want!

[A standoff ensues. Doc Holliday winks, and Billy Clanton summons his courage.]

Wyatt Earp: Oh my God…

[The gunfight begins. Billy Clanton falls to the ground.]

Ike Clanton: Billy! Billy!

[Gunfight continues.]

Ike Clanton: Stop! No! No! Don’t shoot! I got no gun! Please! Don’t shoot me! I got no gun!

Wyatt Earp: This fight’s commenced! Get to fightin’ or get away!

[Ike Clanton ducks into a nearby building.]

Sheriff Behan: Shut the door!

[Billy Clanton is shot down.]

Ike Clanton: [to Sheriff Behan] Gimme your goddamn gun! Damn it! Billy! Billy!

[Ike Clanton fires through the window.]

Wyatt Earp: Doc! Behind us!

[Doc Holliday fires at the window; Ike Clanton flees. Doc tries to shoot Frank McLaury, but is out of ammunition.]

Frank McLaury: I got you now, you son-of-a-bitch.

Doc Holliday: You’re a daisy if you do.

[Frank McLaury is shot dead by Morgan Earp, after Doc fires with his other revolver and misses.]

Wyatt Earp: Morgan, hold quiet now. [Helps Morgan Earp to his feet.] Here you go. Easy. Easy, man. I got you. All right.

Sheriff Behan: All right! All of you are under arrest!

Wyatt Earp: I don’t think I’ll let you arrest us today, Behan.