Farscape Favorites

Some of the greatest scenes from the Farscape tv series, with emphasis on interactions between Crichton and Scorpius. With links & embedded video clips from YouTube.

Current Videos

What is compassion?

Crichton's First Encounter with Scorpius

Crichton Meets Stark

Crais Loses Control of His Command Carrier

Aeryn Discovers Crais In Scorpius' Aurora Chair

Crichton's Behavior Becomes Erratic Due To The Neuro-Chip

Crichton Learns of the Neuro-Chip

Scorpius's Cooling Apparatus Fails

Crichton's Assassination Attempt Fails

Effects of the Neuro-Chip

The Neuro-Chip Drives Crichton Into Madness

The Neuro-Chip Takes Over

Scorpius Explains The Importance Of Wormhole Technology To Braca

Crais's Revenge

The Demise of Scorpius's Command Carrier

Farscape: Phantom of the Opera

Farscape: You Know My Name

Old Videos

The Neuro-Chip Helps Crichton

Brain Surgery to Remove Neuro-Chip

Crichton Pretends to Aid Scorpius's Wormhole Weapon Research

Scorpius Comes To Doubt Crichton's Sincerity...

Farscape: You Know My Name