Muslim terrorists tortured, mutilated hostages at Nairobi’s Westgate Mall


Grisly stuff not suitable for the squeamish:

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How The Lumbee Indians Defeated The KKK In 1958


How North Carolina’s Lumbee Indians defeated the KKK in 1958

“When the meeting began, the arc of the dim light didn’t spread far enough for the Klansmen to see that they were surrounded by as many as a thousand Lumbees. Several young tribe members, some of whom were armed, closed on the Klan meeting and tried to take down the light bulb. The groups fought, and a shotgun blast shattered the light. In the sudden darkness, the Lumbees descended upon the field, yelling and firing guns into the air, scattering the overmatched Klansmen. Some left under police protection while others, including Catfish Cole, simply took to the woods.”

Lumbee indians Vs KKK

Lumbee Indians with a Ku Klux Klan banner captured from Klansmen who attempted to intimidate the Lumbee tribe, 1958. From the Jan 27, 1958 edition of Life Magazine.

Breaking Bad


I’ll have to catch this on DVD sometime. From The theology of Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad is one of the most ethically complicated dramas on television today. The series explores themes of sin, guilt, forgiveness, and damnation through the transformation of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin.”

— Jordan Monge

See also:

Jonah Goldberg’s review of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is one of the great novels of our age because it grapples with the crooked timber of humanity as it is, and painfully demonstrates that, once you choose to break out of the cage of civilization, you are not so much free as lost.”

— Jonah Goldberg

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