Tombstone – Gunfight at the OK Corral

Wyatt Earp: How the hell did we get ourselves into this?

Sheriff Behan: You don’t have to worry about a thing. I just went over there and disarmed them.

Virgil Earp: You did? Come on, boys.

Sheriff Behan: Gentlemen? I’m not gonna allow any trouble!

Virgil Earp: We’re here to disarm you. Throw up your hands. [Clanton gang reaches for their guns.] Hold it! That’s not what I want!

[A standoff ensues. Doc Holliday winks, and Billy Clanton summons his courage.]

Wyatt Earp: Oh my God…

[The gunfight begins. Billy Clanton falls to the ground.]

Ike Clanton: Billy! Billy!

[Gunfight continues.]

Ike Clanton: Stop! No! No! Don’t shoot! I got no gun! Please! Don’t shoot me! I got no gun!

Wyatt Earp: This fight’s commenced! Get to fightin’ or get away!

[Ike Clanton ducks into a nearby building.]

Sheriff Behan: Shut the door!

[Billy Clanton is shot down.]

Ike Clanton: [to Sheriff Behan] Gimme your goddamn gun! Damn it! Billy! Billy!

[Ike Clanton fires through the window.]

Wyatt Earp: Doc! Behind us!

[Doc Holliday fires at the window; Ike Clanton flees. Doc tries to shoot Frank McLaury, but is out of ammunition.]

Frank McLaury: I got you now, you son-of-a-bitch.

Doc Holliday: You’re a daisy if you do.

[Frank McLaury is shot dead by Morgan Earp, after Doc fires with his other revolver and misses.]

Wyatt Earp: Morgan, hold quiet now. [Helps Morgan Earp to his feet.] Here you go. Easy. Easy, man. I got you. All right.

Sheriff Behan: All right! All of you are under arrest!

Wyatt Earp: I don’t think I’ll let you arrest us today, Behan.

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The Third Man – opening monologue

I never knew the old Vienna before the war with its Strauss music, its glamour and easy charm.

Constantinople suited me better.

I really got to know it in the classic period of the black market. We’d run anything if people wanted it enough – hmm – and had the money to pay.

Of course a situation like that does tempt amateurs…

But they – well, you know – they can’t stay the course like a professional.

Now the city – it’s divided into four zones, you know, each occupied by a power: the American, the British, the Russian and the French. But the center of the city – that’s international – policed by an international patrol. One member of each of the four powers. Wonderful! What a hope they had! All strangers to the place and none of them could speak the same language. Except a sort of smattering of German.

Good fellows on the whole, did their best you know.

Vienna doesn’t really look any worse than a lot of other European cities. Bombed about a bit.

Oh, I was gonna to tell you, wait, I was gonna to tell you about Holly Martins, an American. Came all the way here to visit a friend of his. The name was Lime, Harry Lime. Now Martins was broke and Lime had offered him, some sort – I don’t know – some sort of a job.

Anyway, there he was, poor chap. Happy as a lark and without a cent!

Tombstone – Doc Holliday “duels” Johnny Ringo for the first time

Translation from YouTube:

Customer: Mr. Earp, would you mind signing an autograph for me, sir? My wife’s not gonna believe this.
Curly Bill: [snatches autograph and throws it on the faro table] Wyatt Earp, huh? I heard of you.
Ike Clanton: Listen now, Mr. Kansas Law Dog. Law don’t go around here. Savvy?
Wyatt Earp: I’m retired.
Curly Bill: Good. That’s real good. [places a bet on the faro table]
Ike Clanton: Yeah. Yeah, that’s real good, Mr. Law Dog, ’cause law just don’t go around here.
Wyatt Earp: Yeah, I heard you the first time. [flips a card] Winner to the King, five hundred dollars.
Curly Bill: [Surprised & pleased at winning $500] Shut up, Ike.
Johnny Ringo: You must be Doc Holliday.
Doc Holliday: [coughs while sweating profusely from his tuberculosis] That’s the rumor.
Johnny Ringo: You retired too?
Doc Holliday: Not me. I’m in my prime.
Johnny Ringo: Yeah, you look it.
Doc Holliday: You must be Ringo. Look, darling, Johnny Ringo. The deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate him?
Kate: You don’t even know him.
Doc Holliday: No, that’s true, but I don’t know, there’s just something about him. Something around the eyes. I don’t know, reminds me of…me! No. I’m sure of it, I hate him.
Wyatt Earp: [to Ringo] He’s drunk.
Doc Holliday: In vino veritas. [literally: “In wine is truth.” Here he means, “When I’m drinking, I speak my mind.”]
Johnny Ringo: Age quod agis. [literally: “Do what you do.” Meaning: “Do what you do best.”]
Doc Holliday: Credat Judaeus apella, non ego. [literally: “The Jew Apella may believe it, not I.” Meaning: “I don’t believe drinking is what I do best.”]
Johnny Ringo: [pats his gun] Eventus stultorum magister. [literally: “Events are the teachers of fools.” Meaning: “Fools have to learn by experience.”]
Doc Holliday: In pace requiescat. [literally: “Rest in peace.” Meaning: “It’s your funeral!”]
Marshal Fred White: Come on boys. We don’t want any trouble in here. Not in any language.
Doc Holliday: [To Kate] That’s Latin, darling. Evidently Mr. Ringo is an educated man. Now I really hate him.
Johnny Ringo: [pulls gun]
Curly Bill: Watch it Johnny, I hear he’s real fast.

Additional video of the Latin duel, translated.

Tombstone – “I have two guns: one for each of ya!”

Crowd Member: He just killed a man!

Wyatt Earp: He’ll stand trial for it. Now get back! Move!

Ike Clanton: Turn him loose!

Billy Clanton: He said to turn loose of him.

Wyatt Earp: I’m not. So go home.

Ike Clanton: I swear to God, Law Dog: you don’t step aside, we’ll tear you apart.

Wyatt Earp: [points gun at Ike’s head] Alright, you die first, then. Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe – you understand me?

Billy Clanton: He’s bluffin’. Let’s rush him.

Ike Clanton: No. He ain’t bluffin’.

Wyatt Earp: You’re not as stupid as you look, Ike. Now tell ‘em to get back.

Ike Clanton: Go on now, get back. Go on! Billy! He’ll kill me.

Doc Holliday: And you, music-lover. You’re next.

Billy Clanton: Huh. Drunk piano player. You’re so drunk, you can’t hit nothin’. In fact, you’re probably seein’ double. [draws knife]

Doc Holliday: I have two guns: one for each of ya!

Tombstone – “I’m your huckleberry!”

Johnny Ringo: Well! I didn’t think you had it in you.

Doc Holliday: I’m your huckleberry. [Ringo surprised to see Doc instead of Wyatt Earp] Why, Johnny Ringo – you look like somebody just walked over your grave.

Johnny Ringo: Fight’s not with you, Holliday.

Doc Holliday: I beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish. “Play for blood,” remember?

Johnny Ringo: I was just foolin’ about.

Doc Holliday: I wasn’t. And this time…it’s legal.

Johnny Ringo: All right, lunger. Let’s do it.

[The two circle each other]

Doc Holliday: Say when.

[The two draw their guns. Doc fires first.]

Doc Holliday: Come on. Come on! Oh, Johnny. Come on! [Ringo fires into the ground.] You’re no daisy. You’re no daisy at all! Poor soul. You were just too high-strung.

[Wyatt Earp arrives.]

Doc Holliday: I’m afraid the strain was more than he could bear. [Answers Wyatt’s astonished look] Oh, I wasn’t quite as sick as I made out.

Wyatt Earp: Good God.

Doc Holliday: My hypocrisy goes only so far.