List – Farscape clips

  1. Farscape Season 3 Opening
  2. Farscape – John and Aeryn – Compassion
  3. Farscape “Premiere”
  4. Farscape 1×08 That Old Black Magic – “A great honour”
  5. Farscape favorite Scenes – The Aurora Chair
  7. Farscape – Aeryn Sun Confronting Crais
  8. Farscape – Scorpius Vs Crais
  9. Farscape 1×22 Family Ties – Crais in the cell
  10. Farscape “Family Ties”
  11. Farscape “Family Ties” Rygel and John
  12. Farscape 1×22 Family Ties – Crais & Aeryn on Talyn
  13. Farscape “Family Ties” John and D’Argo
  14. Crazy Crichton
  15. Farscape Favorite Scenes – Won’t get fooled again
  16. Insert the rod, John!
  17. Farscape Favorite Scenes – LGaM A not so simple plan
  18. Farscape “Liars, Guns and Money Pt 2: With Friends Like These”
  19. Farscape Favorite Scenes – Plan B
  20. Farscape Favorite Scenes Season 2 Dogfight
  21. Testing the Jewelry
  22. Talyns End
  23. The demise of Scorpius’ Command Carrier
  24. Farscape Wayne Pygram Interview
  25. Farscape – Phantom of the Opera Music Video
  26. Farscape vid “You Know My Name”
  27. Sacrifice.mp4

Farscape – third season opening credits

My name is John Crichton
(I’m lost)
an astronaut…
(Shot through a wormhole…)
In some distant part of the universe.
(trying to stay alive.)
Aboard this ship–
(this living ship…)
of escaped prisoners–
(my friends.)
If you can hear me–
if I make it back…
(will they follow?)
If I open the door…
(are you ready?)
Earth is unprepared–
for the nightmares I’ve seen.
Or should I stay?
(Protect my home?)
Not show them…
(you exist.)
But then you’ll never know
the wonders I’ve seen.