John C. Wright on Social Justice McCarthyites


John C. Wright on Social Justice McCarthyites:

“The honest Leftists want to see the bridge crew of the Starship Enterprise, oriental and occidental, male and female, white and black, including a Russian, a Scotchman, and a Vulcan thrown in for spice.

The SJWs [Social Justice Warriors] want Kirk humiliated and forgotten, and then the rest of the crew dead, until only Uhura of planet Twofer is left…”

Interesting observation about how the Left continues to fight previous (social) wars:

“The Leftwing are trying to free the slaves that have already been freed, and shatter the sexual morals of the Victorians, which have been in tatters for over half a century, and reform industrial-labor relations that had been reformed successfully and nonviolently since roughly half a century before Marx took up his pen to complain about them. The miserable working conditions of the factory system in England, which was hardly a free market, were old news and out of date from even before Marx’s time.”